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How to Get Your Books, Offers, and Funnels Right
So You Get More Clients and Higher Profits Without Additional Ad Spend

For Coaches and Consultants

Secret of Big Impact, Growth and Profits is to Have Right Books, Right Offers, and Right Funnels

What Do I Mean By "Right" Books, Offers, or Funnels?

A book, funnel, or offer is "right" when it moves a client to the next step you want the client to take, whether it is to give you their email address, or buy your product or service.

Right Books

The right book works at these 3 different levels:

  • Book Title:
    Getting the book title right is most crucial for the success of your book. As a lead magnet, it has to attract the ideal clients and nobody else. When your dream client sees the book title, they should feel compelled to get the book. Only if they feel "I want it", the book title has done its job.
  • Table of Contents:
    Previewing the table of contents, your dream clients should feel, "These are exactly the issues I need help with."
    The table of contents needs to further convince the prospect, "Yes this is the book I need."
  • Content of Chapters:
    The goal of the book is to give the readers a sense of certainty that you are the right expert to solve the issue they've been facing.
    So, reading your book should create certainty and conviction in the mind of the reader that you know exactly what is needed for them to solve their problems or have breakthroughs to take their life or business/finances to the next level.
    The book should provide a lot of proof that your solution works, so the reader feels more and more certain and convinced that working with you will solve their issues.
    There also needs to be useful contrarian content in the book as well.
    There needs to be some training they can use. In fact, a good strategy is to help them complete an easy first step in the book as well (as a major proof point).
    But there should be some content that gets them to say - this system is different than what I've seen before.
    Finally, it can emphasize the positive outcome of doing what you say as well as the continued negative situation if they don't take action. Together, this push and pull works to create a sense of urgency, so the reader feels compelled to buy your services/products without delay.

If we are a good match and work together, we'll together make your book right.

Crafting book titles is extremely tricky. The difference between a good title and not-so-good one can be as much as 10 to 20 times or more sales as shown in the case study below.

Right Book Title

Did you know that Tim Ferriss wrote the best-seller The 4-Hour Workweek?

What you may not know is that he originally came up with the book title shown by red arrow above.

But, fortunately, he tested different titles to find a winner.

  Tim Ferriss tested different book titles to find the winner.
(Note: The second book cover is an artist's imagination.)

Right Offers

Making the right offers to your dream clients can immediately make your business very profitable and grow rapidly.

When an offer is "compelling", you don't need great copy to convert.

If your ideal prospects are convinced that your solution will give the result you are promising, without them taking risks, then they are more likely to buy.

Warning: The famous marketer Russell Brunson has popularized the free + shipping book offer. Russell is exceptionally good with videos and has a big ad budget, enabling him to sell thousands of books per month to a wide audience. But his style offer does not work for most coaches and consultant, who have a narrowly focused small audience and a small ad budget.

We Use These 3 Clarifying Questions Help Find Compelling Offers

  1. Who's your dream client? If you have more than one, list all, and pick the best to focus on first.
  2. If money and time were not constraints, what is the absolutely best, highest-value results can you offer your dream client?
  3. What would you do if you got paid only if the client got results?

These questions help focus on what really matters and to create compelling offers that your dream clients would find irresistible.

Right Funnels

You needs these funnels:

  • Lead Generation Funnels:
    These capture the email address, so you can follow up. These can offer free stuff or a low-priced product. Adding a low priced product on the thank you page can work well and pay for part of the ad costs.
  • Funnels for Front-End Sales:
    Many coaches and consultants have low-priced products for front-end sales. The funnels to sells them work well with 1-click upsells after the initial purchase and increases the average cart value.
  • Funnels for Back-End Sales:
    These are at the core of making good profits.
    Your tribe already knows you, likes you, and trust you, so backend offers tend to be higher priced and the real secret behind the profits of successful coaches and consultants.

We consider marketing automation to be part of funnels. Automation moves a prospect to a customer list when they buy your book. Then, they are automatically sent follow up messages to help consume the purchase and then get ready to order your coaching and consulting services.

If you have multiple products/services, each sale moves a client to another list with the goal to sell them the next product/service. And, so on. All this happens automatically in the background -- it is set up just once and occasionally improved.

How it all started:
A True Story of My Unusual Job Interview

How I Got a Job in 2-3 Minutes at 300% of My Salary at Intel in California

I used to work at Intel in Santa Clara, CA, as a software engineer. My salary was similar to what other software engineers with similar education and experience earned.

I decided to get more ambitious and see if I could get a higher salary.

So, I applied for a few jobs.

I got a call from Allergan Humphrey (a medical company), and when I reached its office, I was taken to the manager's room.

Phil, the manager, had a large clean desk with just a monitor and a book.

After exchanging "Hellos", I pointed to the book on the table and said, "This is my book".

Puzzled, he asked, "What do you mean?"

I said, "I am an author of this book". Then, I opened the book and showed him my name.

With a surprised look on his face, he said, "Ok then, I have nothing to ask you. Do you want the job?"

It took just 2 to 3 minutes to land the job because I was an author.

What really surprised me was that they agreed to my asking fee, which was 300% of what I earned at Intel.

My Books

Why Work with Us?

Our Profits Roadmap
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A Clear Roadmap for Extraordinary Profits for Coaches and Consultants

We help coaches and consultants who are already successful as well as those who are new or switching from other careers.

If you already have books and funnels, we'll review them and work with you to get them right.

If you don't have books or funnels, we'll work with you to create them the right way.

The Next Step for You

You've already got some new ideas and learned some specific steps you can follow and get more profits.

You have 2 paths in front of you.

  • You can do it all on your own, and you'll do well based on what you've already learned.
  • Or, you and I (with my team) can work together. I'll hold your hand and take you step-by-step, so you have right books, offers,and funnels. Working together is the fastest way to start getting more new clients and growing your profits without wasting time and money in trial-and-error.

Once profits start pouring in, you don't need to go after shiny objects and change your marketing/business on weekly or monthly basis. You can let it work like a well-oiled machine and enjoy free time with your friends and family or with a hobby or a charitable cause. Or, you can continue to focus on business to grow faster.

  • If you are already successful, then even one tweak or idea can bring new growth and profits.
  • If you are new to this, then you can get your book, offers, funnels right the first time without wasting time and money in trial-and-error.

Our Services

Service Price
Book-Offer-Funnel Audit
A 60-minute call with me to audit your overall business blueprint, your books, offers, and funnels. During the call, I will likely create a better book title, better offers, and fixes to your funnels, so you benefit greatly. At the end of the call, if you don't feel you've got value of at least $1,000, you can ask for a full, courteous refund.
New Clients Blueprint Customized for You
Includes 2 calls of 60-minutes each.
Our discussion will be limited to one dream client, one book, and related offers and funnels.
When you order, we'll send you a list of questions and information we need to understand your business.
In the first call, you give answers to these questions and also tell anything else about your business.
After the first call, my team and I work to create a blueprint of specific changes that can create breakthrough for your business.
These can include right book title, book outline changes, right offers (to get new customer leads at low cost), right offers (backend), and related changes for the funnel.
In the second call, I'll present this blueprint to you and together we'll discuss and finalize the right actions to take, so your business can start getting more new clients and higher profits quickly.
So, you'll be ready to take your business to new level.
Consulting and Implementation
We offer consulting to cover every aspect of your business as well as we also offer implementation services. We can create a new book for your by interviewing you, book cover design, design funnels, create offers, membership sites, blog sites, Google analytics integration, FB ads, and FB ads management, and any custom programming needed.
It begits with a quote. Quote pricing is $49 and includes a call lasting up to 60 minutes to understand your specific and exact needs.
For large and complex projects, we start with a small two-day micro service to better understand your business requirement and working style. Only after that, we discuss the rest of the project.

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A 60-minute call with me to audit your overall business blueprint, your books, offers, and funnels. During the call, I will likely create a better book title, better offers, and show better funnels, so you benefit greatly. At the end of the call, if you don't feel you've got value of at least $1,000, you can ask for a full, courteous refund.

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